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The Why

We respect your home, your community, and its rules. We want to help you discreetly declutter within the allowances of your HOA.

Do you live in a community where 'visible' Sales are against the "rules"? Leaving the Island? Spring cleaning? Holiday cleaning? Decluttering? Want to declutter and donate to your favorite charity? Whatever your reason, we have become the experts in organizing a great sale.




The What

From One Loving Home ... To The Next

We host sales that allow our customers to have Delightful Finds.

Shoppers can expect to find high-quality items coming from a loving home in the best condition. Our listings can be high-end furniture, clothing, accessories, jewelry. home furnishings and the like.

As most sale items will be gently used, expect some wear, and understand that all items are sold as-is, no refunds.

We can host private or public offerings and listings of items.
















The How

Want Us To Host?

Contact us here or send us an email at

Want To Shop?

Visit us online and view the Delightful Finds Sale that's running. Find what you like, request an invoice, and pay. Items will be listed with clear images and a detailed description including dimensions and any issues/minor damage.

Items will be collected on the day of the Delightful Finds sale. Drive up and present your invoice to the seller, who will sign your invoice, take a picture and give you the item.

Our Guarantee

No Hassle... No Holds ... No Crowds

We guarantee that the buyer will receive purchased products on collection day. The seller will only receive their money when the items are collected.

There is no shopping at the collection pickup site.


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