Bahamazaar Virtual Rummage Sales

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Pick up on Collection Day


Have You Ever...

Have you ever held a Rummage Sale?

It takes days of preparation, sometimes weeks. The pricing, the advertising, the setup, the breakdown and perhaps the most stressful of all - the actual sale day.

Oops! Did I forget the sometimes rowdy customers? Those who tell you HOW to price your really nice items even though you have priced them so low, you are practically already giving them away.


The Why

We have hosted many Rummage Sales, Garage Sales, Yard Sales - and we do a pretty good job of it.

And Now ... We take most of the stress of your sale away from you. The only thing you need is a camera to take a few pictures (everyone has one of those on their smartphone) and a form to describe your items (we'll get that to you) and we will do the rest.

Do you live in a community where 'visible' Sales are against the "rules"? Leaving the Island? Spring cleaning? Holiday cleaning? Decluttering? Want to declutter and donate to your favorite charity? Whatever your reason, we are the experts in organizing a great sale.



The What

We Host Rummage Sales ... Not Garbage Sales

Shoppers can expect to find good quality items in good condition.

Some items will be new and most will be gently used, so expect some wear and perhaps a small tear, and understand that all items are sold as-is, no refunds.



The How

Want Us To Host?

Contact us here to start the process.

Want To Shop?

Visit us online and view the Rummage Sale that's running. Find what you like, put it in your virtual cart, and pay online.

Items will be collected on Rummage Sale Collection Day. Drive up and present your invoice to the seller, who will sign and or take a picture of your invoice and give you the item.