About Bahamazaar

Our Company

Bahamazaar is a Bahamian online shopping bazaar or mall and our sellers offer items for sale in many categories. We launched in June 2021 and are licensed to conduct business online. We are registered with the Bahamas Government.

Bahamazaar itself does not own or fulfill any of the items for sale on the website. When our vendors sign up they are able to present their items, a description, and the price of the items. We provide the tools and support for businesses and individuals to operate.

We are especially thrilled to also offer the service of organizing and hosting your virtual delightful finds and virtual rummage sales.




The Owner

Dorenda Davis is a Bahamian businesswoman who, along with her husband Jeff, has owned and operated a number of businesses in the Bahamas in the fields of transportation, retail, and event planning.

Bahamazaar is a nod to her love for people, planning, technology, and finding a great deal.

She has worked in the field of IT for almost 30 years and currently works in IT in the education field.

We Invite You To Bahamazaar

As A Seller

Become A Vendor - Your items are listed for sale for the long term. Manage your inventory and delivery. Our sellers vary from professional craftspeople making fantastic unique items and high street boutiques to larger retailers as well.

Rummage Sale - (Geared toward sellers in gated communities) - Items are listed (two weeks) for a quick sale. Items are listed and priced by the seller and purchases are made. Purchaser names are sent to the seller so that on the day of the rummage sale, names can be given to the gate for the collection of the items.

** Contact Us Today to become a vendor or for us to host your next rummage sale.

As a Buyer

Shop our organized listing of quality products. We list New and Gently Used items. Gently used items are identified in our descriptions.

Our goal is to make items available for safe pickup by the next business day.

 Start Shopping Today for great deals!



Why Bahamazaar?

Bahamazaar is an online marketplace dedicated to selling a wide variety of items from responsible and trusted vendors. Almost everything that can be purchased for your home, car, baby, and other department stores can be sold and purchased on Bahamazaar. Bahamazaar is a collection of all the items being sold locally brought together onto one website.

Essentially Bahamazaar is a shopping mall and our sellers are the many shops within it.

Our major difference to other online shopping experiences locally is that our store is well-organized and pickup or delivery is easy and safe making for a unique shopping experience.

We know that you don't have time to search through Facebook and other social media platforms - and neither do we. That's why we have simplified it.


No 'holds', 'no-shows', bumps', or gimmicks. Just clean, simple shopping.