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Tips To Keep It Safe


Vendors and listers will reach out to buyers after a purchase to arrange the delivery of purchased items. While we have ensured that your online purchases are secured, we want to ensure that your entire experience is a great one.

Here are a few tips for safe exchanges:

- Meet in the daylight. Vendors and Buyers increase the chance of safe interactions when there is clear visibility for yourself and those around you. Mischief often happens under the cloak of darkness.

- Meet in a public place. Shopping centers, police station yards and gas stations are great places to meet in order to exchange items.

- Take someone along for the ride. If you are meeting a vendor/buyer for the first time, it is a good idea to take someone along for the ride.

- For Listers - Know who is coming to your home. The safest way to sell your products is through Bahamazaar, that way, the only person that you need to meet is someone who has already purchased, as opposed to multiple people.

If you must invite persons to your home to view an item, have the item available on the outside of your home.

We want everyone to feel safe in our Bahamazaar community. If you have more tips that you think should be included here, contact us at and let us know.