Bahamazaar Services and Prices


Find the option that is right for you to showcase your goods and increase your sales.

The Lister


List your products online until they are sold. Products are rotated for maximum visibility. You handle the collection of funds and meeting arrangements with potential buyers for the delivery of your item.



- $25 Annual Membership fee

- $5 to list each item (up to 10 images)

- Any member can list items for sale

- Sales managed through the seller

- Items are showcased on the home page through a rotation with other items and in the Category listing.

The Vendor (most popular)


Setup your store with us. Anyone can own a store that showcases all of your products for increased visibility. We handle sales online. All you need to do is handle the delivery of your items to the buyer.



- $50 Annual Membership Fee

- No extra charge to list as many items as you like (up to 10 images) until they are sold

- Anyone can have a vendor store

- Individual listing page showcasing only your products.

- Sales managed online through the website

- You only arrange meetings with the buyer -

No 'holds', 'no-shows', bumps', or gimmicks

- Items showcased in your own store and on the homepage and categories listing for increased visibility.

Bahamazaar Delightful Finds and Rummage Sales

Let us host your online Delightful Finds or Rummage Sale. Save yourself time and effort and let the experts handle your sale. No crowds, no setup, no breakdowns. You offer your items for the prices you want.



Contact Us for Delightful Finds and Rummage Sale Details

- We take the pictures

- Setup online sale

- Advertise the sale

- We can host a sale for anyone

- Sales managed online through the website


No 'holds', 'no-shows', bumps', or gimmicks


Request a Lister Membership form to list your items for sale with us today.


- No commission on sales


Request a Vendor Membership form to set up your store with us today.


- Small commission fee on each sale


Request more information about our Online Delightful Finds and Rummage Sale


- Small commission fee on each sale