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Bahamazaar Vendors are small, honest Bahamian business owners. Many of our vendors are artists or artisans who have found a reliable space in Bahamazaar to sell their merchandise.

All vendors are vetted and we confirm their identity when they register with us to ensure that they are who they say that they are.

We protect you, our buyers by ensuring that you receive your product before our vendor receives their funds, so you can feel confident that you will receive the item that you purchased. Vendors will contact you to arrange delivery of your product.

So, Relax and Enjoy our Vendor Stores!


Paulyworks Fine Art Photography


Mama Sassy's Gourmet Foods




Polish Me Pretty


For The Working Lady


National Treasures


Nuuu Wireless Technologies

December Davis


December Davis

Kevin Beneby

i Forgive

Kevin Beneby

Katina Seymour

Live Differently books by

Katina Seymour